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13. Никита   (03.04.2013 20:19)
The Statue of Liberty National Monument officially celebrated her 100th birthday on October 28,1986. The people of France gave the Statue to the people of the United States one hundred and seventeen years ago in recognition of the friendship established during the American Revolution.The Statue was placed upon a granite pedestal inside the courtyard of the star-shaped walls of Fort Wood.The United States had responsibility for the operation of the Statue of Liberty.A Presidential Proclamation declared Fort Wood a National Monument on October 15th, 1924. In 1933, the care and administration works of the National Monument were transferred to the National Park Service.

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12. Никита   (03.04.2013 20:13)
Emus are very large birds. They live in Austraдia. They are very tall. They can not fly but they can run very fast. They live for nearly 30 years. They eat leaves, fruit and insects snd they drink a lot of water. They also like sitting in the mud!

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11. Никита   (03.04.2013 20:06)
block of flats, get permission, study week, have overnight guests, school campus, swim in the pool, wear a uniform, a historical building, book tickets, in row two, make noise, remove food from the dining room, a crowded bus, the most intelligent student in the class.
перевод 10 номера

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10. Алексей Лобанов [Алекс]   (01.04.2013 22:07)
Adult hippoweighs about three thousand pounds and reaches 165 centimeters of growth.
Shoulders height hippopotamus is about 165 centimeters. Hair in this animal has
only been on the face and around the tail.
Hippo teethare large and quite rare. It is interesting that they have no roots, and
because hippo life dwells with his teeth.

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9. Алексей Лобанов [Алекс]   (01.04.2013 22:02)
Hipposhappy owners of a male harem. Standard family of hippos this from a dozen to
two dozen females with cubs and head old male. One mini-society is deployed in
certain places along the coast. There are also single males.

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8. Алексей Лобанов [Алекс]   (01.04.2013 22:01)
Hipposdrink and food by local residents. This is a very lucrative catch, because as
one behemoth is 520 pounds of meat, which can be and salt and smoke, and do
other culinary manipulation.

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7. Алексей Лобанов [Алекс]   (20.03.2013 21:57)
Ирина Валеревна, это Лера Лобанова(6а)
OstankinoTower in Moscow, TV tower at 540 m was built in 1961-1968  provides direct transmission of television
programs a radius of about 120 km.
Until 1967,television broadcasts in Moscow conducted by Shukhov Tower in Shabolovka. At
the time of construction, and until 1974 the Ostankino Tower was the tallest
building in the world and remains the highest free-standing structure in

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6. Алексей Лобанов [Алекс]   (20.03.2013 21:15)
The volumeof the tower is 70,000 cubic meters, the mass together with basement - 51,400
tons, the total useful floor area - 14,850 square meters lower conical part of
the tower is made of ordinary concrete with rigid reinforcement, the section
from 63 to 384 m - prestressed concrete, the upper part - the metal. Were
mounted on a tower television transmitters, designed to broadcast multiple
programs in the VHF and UHF range, high-altitude weather stations laboratory
for the study of thunderstorms, and the set of radio transmitters, paging
equipment and special services.

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5. Алексей Лобанов [Алекс]   (20.03.2013 21:13)
In additionto technical services in the tower, in the ten-rigging around the barrel at
around 325 meters and above is a restaurant "Seventh Heaven" at 288
locations and at an altitude of 337 m - an observation deck. Ostankino Tower
project was awarded the Lenin Prize in 1970, and work on its construction - the
State Prize of the USSR in 1969.

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4. Алексей Лобанов [Алекс]   (20.03.2013 21:12)
August 27,2000 at the Ostankino tower caught fire feeders linking television transmitters
and antennas, located at the top of the tower. The spread of fire was stopped
the next day. The fire for the first time in human history, the largest
metropolis remained without broadcasting. To restore the broadcast from the
Ostankino Tower took about a month.

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3. Алексей Лобанов [Алекс]   (19.02.2013 22:00) E-mail
The author is very famous and popular children's film about Winnie the Pooh.
During his long career Khitruk Fedor was awarded many film awards and prizes. He now lives in Moscow. In April 1993 Khitruk and three other leading animators (Yuri Norstein, Andrey Khrzhanovsky, and Eduard Nazarov) founded the school-studio animated "Ball."
The great Soviet cartoonist died in his own apartment in Moscow on 3 December 2012.

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2. Алексей Лобанов [Алекс]   (19.02.2013 22:00) E-mail
Khitruk went back to thestudio.
In 1962 he began to study
directing. In his first film, "The Story of a Crime" was a great
success. Today the film is the beginning of a new style of Soviet animation,
different from its canon 1950 - 1960, similar to Disney. New style Khitruk was
concise, but the unusual and bright.
Khitruk - director of short
animated films for adults in different genres. Best known satire on bureaucracy
"Man in the Box" (1966), a parable about loneliness in modern society
"The Island" (1973), a parody of "Film, Film, Film!"
(1968), and the parable of "The Lion and the Bull" ( 1984).

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1. Алексей Лобанов [Алекс]   (19.02.2013 21:59) E-mail
Fedor Savelievich Khitruk(May 1, 1917 - December 3, 2012) - Soviet animator (multiplier), screenwriter,
director, teacher and translator. People's Artist of the USSR (1985), winner of
the State Prize of the USSR (1976, 1982) and the National Prize of the GDR.
From Tver. Father - Khitruk
Savely Davidovich (1887-1983), mother - Anna Khitruk Antonovna (1893-1985).
Animation ill after watching
Disney cartoons in Moscow. He came to Moscow to study at the graphic artist.
Higher education Khitruk received in 1936 and in 1938 began working animator at
the studio "Soyuzmultfilm" (which received over three years, but each
time was refused by management). This work was interrupted by World War II, but
after the end of military service Khitruk went back to the studio.


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